Monday, January 18, 2016

*New Music* KayDee - AmeriKKKa's Baby

Mississauga rapper Kaydee has been pretty quiet since dropping the video for “Mission Statement” back in July, but he seems re-energized, and ready to come correct in 2016.

Known for his freestyling skills, Kaydee’s rhymes sound fluid enough to be off the dome, but a deeper lyrical narrative reveals an artist wrestling with the contemporary marginalization and exclusion of youth: “It sounds catchy when you put it in a rap/But I’m stuck here, that’s why they call it the trap/I know it’s driving me crazy, my neighbourhood hate me/Fuck you, society made me, I said ‘You can’t even blame me, I’m America’s baby.’” On top of a solemn instrumental, Kaydee speaks tough truths, telling an all too relatable story.

"I just wanted to say my piece from the perspective of a kid who feels trapped in the ghetto,” Kaydee explained via email. “A lot of the issues going on are because of a lack of resources in the community, and lack of help from the government to implement programs. The list goes on. I want to be a voice for the ones who can't speak."

Listen to “AmeriKKKa’s Baby” by Kaydee below. Expect a new 4-song EP, dropping sometime in February.

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