Thursday, January 28, 2016

*New Music* Nenjah Nycist - I'm Tight

The newest installment from Nenjah Nycist and Rik O'Neal, "I'm Tight" is a high energy, hard-hitting track about being outraged, frustrated and upset or rather - 'tight!' The back and forth storytelling between the two describe a particular situation in which the pair vent their anger on the Nenjah Nycist produced track.

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Listen to "I'm Tight" by Nenjah Nycist via Soundcloud...You're Welcome!!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

*New Album* Ms. Proper - Escaping Reality LP

New Full Length LP from Richmond VA Hip Hop Recording Artist, Ms. Proper titled, "Escaping Reality". This is an excellent body of work from the Female Emcee. Released exclusively on, Prop delivers differently than she has on her other projects. And trust, she still brings the bars as always! With Bangers like "Trapped Inside My Mind""Told Mama" featuring fellow Richmond Emcee, Versace Chachi, and my Personal Favorite, "Henny Talk" featuring her little Sis, Ty Tha God. This is definitely one of the Best Hip Hop Albums to drop out of Richmond so far! Keep up the work, Prop!!!

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

*New Music* VA Grinch ft. Twice Blessd - Blessed

New Record from VA Grinch featuring #baRRRz teammate, Twice Blessd titled "Blessed".

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Listen to "Blessed" featuring Twice Blessd Below via souncloud...You're Welcome!!!

Monday, January 18, 2016

*New Music* KayDee - AmeriKKKa's Baby

Mississauga rapper Kaydee has been pretty quiet since dropping the video for “Mission Statement” back in July, but he seems re-energized, and ready to come correct in 2016.

Known for his freestyling skills, Kaydee’s rhymes sound fluid enough to be off the dome, but a deeper lyrical narrative reveals an artist wrestling with the contemporary marginalization and exclusion of youth: “It sounds catchy when you put it in a rap/But I’m stuck here, that’s why they call it the trap/I know it’s driving me crazy, my neighbourhood hate me/Fuck you, society made me, I said ‘You can’t even blame me, I’m America’s baby.’” On top of a solemn instrumental, Kaydee speaks tough truths, telling an all too relatable story.

"I just wanted to say my piece from the perspective of a kid who feels trapped in the ghetto,” Kaydee explained via email. “A lot of the issues going on are because of a lack of resources in the community, and lack of help from the government to implement programs. The list goes on. I want to be a voice for the ones who can't speak."

Listen to “AmeriKKKa’s Baby” by Kaydee below. Expect a new 4-song EP, dropping sometime in February.

*Music Video* Awkward Shaman - On A Wave

HippiesNGoonz x Bangkok Blend: 
This marks the death of V.loveless
Awkward Shaman "On A Wave"
prd. SOmega
Recorded & Mixed. Vnice
Artwork. Tommy Fox