Saturday, November 28, 2015

*New Music* Ms. Proper - Trapped Inside My Head

As the second single released from Ms Proper's up and coming album Escaping Reality; "Trapped Inside My Mind" emerges as a slow paced lyrical depiction of the personal trials and tribulations that Ms Proper has and continues to face everyday. The artistry exhibited by Ms Proper creates a vivid illustration that is portrayed by profound lyrics and a mysteriously appealing motif. The second single distinguishes Ms Proper's ability to be not only flexible in her music and sound, but also attractive to lovers of a smoother class of Hip-Hop.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

*New Music* Nick Verses - Dope Bitch

Finally being stamped as Nick Verses's debut solo song "Dope Bitch" combines a mixture of hip hop lyricism and melodic jazz over trunk shattering bass. "Dope Bitch" is barely scratching the surface of Verses's upcoming mixtape "Too Old IV College" which is expected to be released Spring of 2016.

Check out "Dope Bitch" by Nick Verses below via Soundcloud...You're Welcome!