Thursday, December 3, 2015

*New Music* CL8 The Great(@CTG757) - New Paint EP

The premise for the New Paint EP began early in 2012. Through mutual connections, Clayt found himself having meetings and recording in Timbaland's home studio located in Virginia Beach, VA. Working with one of the engineers there, Clayt showed he clearly had potential as a lyricist, so much so that the engineer even stated to him over the phone, "you got it". However, as with most things in the entertainment industry, this was followed by a "but". The engineer told Clayt he felt like he needed to find his own sound and develop more as an artist before he could present him to Timbo. Feeling like he was so close to the opportunity that would change his life, these were obviously tough words to hear, but they were needed.

Taking heed to these words, Clayt has now re-emerged with a new sound and purpose. The maturation of his skills, along with his ideas and beliefs has led him to grow into a truly unique artist. Clayt never stopped "painting", working on his craft, and now he plans to share that same confidence and determination with every listener. This experience has inspired the theme of his new project, along with his desire to establish a culture of art in his home state. Although Clayt has been getting local recognition for his music for years, the New Paint EP is truly the beginning of his journey. Following this release, a full length album entitled "Knockturnal Gallery" is planned to release next year.

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